BBUS Admins, Consultants and Staff :

Brian S.  “Buddy” Baker – Website Owner, Webmaster and Lead System Administrator, Barre VT

Jonathan Leidy –  Assistant System Administrator (Tallahassee Free-Net, Tallahassee, FL)

Jeff Weisbein – Assistant System Administrator (Besttechie Holdings Inc, Brooklyn, NY)


BBUS Consultants

William W. “Bill” Sanderson   BBUS Executive Assistant, Burlington VT

Brian LaCount – Network Consultant, (BK’s Computing, Barre, VT)

Gregory J. Suchocki – Consultant, Burlington, VT

C. Randall Daniels-Sakim – Consultant (Director, Tallahasee Free-Net, Tallahasse, FL)

Ethan Kromhout – Consultant – System Administrator, Tallahassee Free-net, Tallahassee, FL

Jonah A. Zablow  – BBUS Consultant for Special Website projects

Steven M. Sawczyn Consultant for User Accessibility


BBUS Blog and Webpage Editors and Forum Moderators

Rachael Williams – BBUS Blogs and Website Editor in Chief / BBUS Forum Moderator

Gary Williams – Assistant to the Editor in-Chief

BBDC Admins, Consultants and Staff

Brian S. “Buddy” Baker, (Owner of Buddy Hyphen Baker Dot Us and Buddy Hyphen Baker Dot Com) Lead System Admin, Store Director TCTS

William W. “Bill” Sanderson, Co-Director/Store Manager, TCTS

Jennifer Lashua, Store Logistics Advisor


Roseanne Gray, TCTS Corral Manager / Ida’s Closet Manager

Celine Blais, TCTS Corral Manager / Donations Manager

Lawreen Connley. TCTS Corral Assistant Donations Manager

Theresa Giffin, TCTS Corral Assistant Donations Manager

Larry Massure, TCTS Donation Driver


Ennis “Mr. Ennis” J. Gidney, Store Accountant

Kathleen L. Smith, Finance Secretary / Store Financial Advisor

Anne Depoalo, Church Office Administrator


Richard Smith, Chair, Trinity United Methodist Church Trustees

Robert E. Emmons, Trinity United Methodist Church Trustee / Store Janitorial Services / Sign Man

David Murphy, TUMC Trustee / Store Maintenance

Brian Carlson, TUMC Trustee / Church Maintenance

Crystal Crane, TUMC Trustee


Yunki Kim, Pastor, TUMC / Store Website Integration and Logistics


Store Administrators:  RED / Department Managers: TEAL / Church Support Staff: PLUM / Trustees: DARK RED / Pastor: PURPLE



A System Administrator (Coded RED) is responsible for all systems, computers, drives, files, etc.  They are responsible for making the system run.  They can and often do work as necessary to make sure that the system is up to date, and that all programs are also as current as possible.  System Admins are chosen because of their familiarity and experience with Linux or their ability to work with the systems within the spectrum of administering a Domain, a website, or a system connected to a network.  They are ultimately responsible for the day-to-day operation of the server.  BBUS’s Lead System Administrator is Brian Baker.  Brian, known as “Buddy” is also responsible for the domain itself, as owner and Webmaster.

An Assistant System Administrator (Coded RED) is responsible for assisting the System Administrator with the maintenance, upkeep and operation of the server.  An Assistant System Administrator has the duties of a System Admin when necessary, and can work on any project that is deemed necessary.  Assistant System Admins can also have specialties (such as Database Administration, Forum Administration, website upkeep, etc)  Buddy chooses Assistant System Administrators based on their experience and familiarity with the system, system tasks or ability to handle specific tasks.  Assistant System Admins are also chosen based on their character as well.  BBUS has two Assistant System Admins:  Jonathan Liedy, who also works with the Tallahassee Free-Net as an Administrator, and Jeff Weisbein, Owner and Administrator of Besttechie Dot Com (Besttechie Holdings INC, Brooklyn, New York)

A BBUS Consultant (Coded YELLOW) is either a company or an individual that has assisted either Buddy or BBUS with either advice, services, or direct or indirect input as to the suggested operation of our sites.  While not involved in the Day-To Day Operations of BBUS, they are an important tool, as they have varied experience, exposure or opinions that Buddy can trust.  BBUS Consultants are chosen by Buddy when and if he feels it to be appropriate.

A BBUS Editor or Moderator (Coded PURPLE) is a person who has been appointed to oversee and edit either the website itself, or the Blog.  They also may have the ability to moderate postings on the BBUS forums.  BBUS Editors also assist Buddy with proofreading text and suggesting and performing edits to content as necessary.  BBUS’ Blog and Webpage Editor is Rachael Williams.  In addition to being Buddy’s Mother, she is a good sounding board as to what looks or sounds good when writing.  Rachael always supports Buddy with things like this, as sometimes what is written may sound wrong or look strange.  BBUS moderators are appointed by Buddy as needed.  Individuals that become staff members will start at this level.