Web Page and Hosting Policy

On the Internet, there are plenty of places that you can learn to build a website.  There are equally plenty of places that you can choose to host a website.  Being that this is true, BBUS does not wish to get involved in mass hosting lots and lots of websites.

HOWEVER: If someone wishes to host a website on BBUS, the site would have to be approved by the Management of BBUS and its uplink provider(s).  At this time, BBUS does not host any sites on its server, but this may change in the future.

The General Rule at this time will be:  If you need to host a site on BBUS that IS NOT a personal site (which would be covered under the auspice of an account holder wishing to publish a site under ~username) – The following will apply.

1.  The Propective Hostee would have to contact BBUS admins and ask for permission to host a site on BBUS.  We would then determine what the needs of the Hostee are, and if we can provide the service, we will do so, If NOT, the hostee would be given an explanation as to why based on the needs conveyed.

2.  If the site is APPROVED, BBUS admins will contact the Hostee and let them know that the request is approved.  At this time, BBUS will concentrate on websites that are nonprofit organizations, and this is to assure that BBUS can handle the server load.

3.  The Organization must provide a domain name.  This can be obtained online through domain providers such as Yahoo Domains, or GoDaddy Dot Com.  Organizations who do NOT provide a domain name will not be served at this time.

This policy will be updated as necessary and prudent


System Administrator, BBUS