File Storage Policy


BBUS does backup files on a regular basis.  That being said, Users agree to hold BBUS harmless for the loss of their files on the system.  Users who are account holders on BBUS should understand that files that are in thier home directories are public files, unless their permissions have been changed.  Even then, users are advised that there is always a chance that any files stored on BBUS could be subject to loss due to server or physical hardware malfunction.

Users are asked to monitor thier disk space in home directories.  Users should try to keep a backup of their files in case there is some type of problem with the system.  BBUS will assist its users with this process, but it is the responsibility of the user to keep his/her files current, and to remove archive files from the system as soon as prudent.

BBUS Admins will check home directories for these (*.tar, .Z, .tar.gz, gz, .zip, etc) files when we deem it a necessity.  Users may store files on the system, so long as they do NOT store large archives here.  Anyone found storing files in excess of 10-15 gig in size will be asked if they can move such files.  They will removed by the admins 5-7 days after being discovered.  BBUS reserves the right to remove all archive files on the system if we believe it is in the best interest of the system or network.  Anyone storing illegal files, or files that are designed to harm others on this system will be dealt with accordingly, and may lose access to BBUS.

This policy may change as necessary to accomodate specific situations.  It should be noted that BBUS does not have a problem with people storing personal files for personal use, but does not want users uploading very large files and taking up a large amount of disk space. BBUS is not a long-term storage solution, and should not be thought of as one.  As soon as prudent, users should move files to local backup media such as CD’s/DVD’s or removable thumbdrives.  Uploading large files to the server may cause slowdowns for other users, and could impact system performance.  If you must store large files here for a short time, please contact Buddy to discuss this with him, and he will decide whether it is something that we will allow.

It is my hope that I do not have to resort to disciplinary action against my users.  I place this information here so that users will know what we expect on BBUS.  We reserve the right to change these rules, add to them, or enhance them as necessary and prudent.

Buddy, System Administrator, BBUS