User Account Policy

You may be wondering, after looking at BBUS, how you would be able to get a user account (login) to the system.  BBUS is a Debian Based Linux System owned by Brian S. Baker.

With that said, if a user would like access to my server, they would have to have a VERY GOOD REASON to get access on my server.

Chances are, that if you are one of the few that have an account on my server, then you have been selected to have such an account.  If you would still like to get an account on BBUS, please send me an email and we can discuss this possibility further.

MAIL ON BBUS:  At this time, BBUS does NOT offer email accounts on the server.  It is my hope that some day, this may change, but at this time, I have no plans to offer email access on BBUS –<bsb – 2/23/11 @11:32AM EST>


BBUS will institute the following policy for account registrations.  Users can email me at BBUS and make a General Request.  Please bear in mind that BBUS admins may deny the request for an account for any reason.  However, if a user demonstrates a general need for an account on the system, it will mostlikely be granted after a short waiting period.  BBUS reserves the right to terminate user accounts if it is found they are doing something that is contrary to the law, against the rules of BBUS, or in some way negatively impacts the system in such a way that either the system or network are unable to operate as they are intended.  Users will agree to all provisions at and also all provisions at BEFORE an account will be considered.  Any conduct that Buddy or his admins determine is illegal, immoral, or detrimental to the System or Network shall result in immediate account disabing, and the user will be dealt with accordingly.  Being that BBUS is Buddy’s “Home on the Net”, people who wish to follow the rules of the server will be welcomed, while those who do not wish to follow the rules will be shown the cyberdoor:  BBUS usage is a PRIVILEGE and NOT a right.

This is the way It will work:

1.  A user will want an account for access.  He/She will email Buddy and ask for an account.  In this email, the user will explain what he wants to do with it.  This could be as simple as a small webpage or a place to store files online.  Users looking for an account MUST PROVIDE A WORKING EMAIL ADDRESS: NO EXCEPTIONS!   Users will also be asked for a contact phone number, which should also be valid, in case we have to contact you.

2.  Buddy will evaluate the request within Seventy-Two (72) Hours, and make a decision.  Buddy may also communicate with the user for a short time before making a decision, or may ask any questions of the user as to the intent of use.  If, in Buddy’s opinion, the stated intent of the user is a service we believe we can provide, we will respond and alert them to this decision.  If not, we will inform the user of the decision and may suggest alternatives to help the user achieve what they are looking for.

3A.  If a prospective BBUS user is DENIED: Buddy will send an email of the denial, stating the reason(s) for the denial. Buddy will DENY anyone who has provided him a non-working email address for any reason, simply because he does NOT have the time to waste waiting for a response on a non-working email address.  It should be noted that Buddy or his admins can deny anyone for any reason – As stated, BBUS is Buddy’s Home, and he can decide what he will allow and not allow.

3B.  If a prospective BBUS user is APPROVED: Buddy will send an email of the approval to the user’s email address.  In this email, we will ask for a user to provide a username and a secondary choice.  BBUS Admins will set a TEMPORARY password on the account.  Users will then have to login and change the password after the account has been created.

4.  BBUS Admins will send the User a Word Document that documents the account holders name, username, password, group name(s), user role and other important information.  Users are asked to keep this document, as it will contain important information, and will be used to reset a user password in the event a user forgets the password.

5.  BBUS Temporary Passwords shall expire 3 days after an account has been created.  This is to protect the users account and the system from unauthorized access.  If a user asks for a reset, Buddy may ask a user for additional information such as a “challenge question” to prove the identity of the user.

6.  Users are asked to change their login passwords as soon as practical.  This way, we KNOW that the account has been created, logged into, and the password changed.  Also, this indicates that the user has the password.  Buddy can test the account if there is any problem, so please let us know if you experience any difficulties.

7.  Please inform Buddy if anything is amiss, including things such as:

a. Permissions on directories are incorrect

b.  Your group is not correct, or your files in your home directory are not owned by you.

c.  You receive errors that complain about “invalid login shells”, or cannot login at all.


BBUS encourages its users to enjoy the system and all that it offers.  BBUS grants accounts based on a belief that a user will respect the system, its users and Admins, and the Network that it is on.  That being said, Users that have accounts are expected to respect the security of the system and the network as well.  Users are not restricted to the number of times they may login to the system, however, they are expected to keep thier passwords a closely guarded secret, and are expected to NOT let anyone else use their account.  Users may NOT login to other users accounts without the express consent of the account holder, and the account holder assumes the responsibility for the actions of those that they allow to access their account.  Unless otherwise authorized by the BBUS Admins, users may NOT have more then one user account on the system.  Reports of suspected unauthorized use of account(s) to an admin will be investigated, and if necessary, account holders will be asked to change thier password, or they will have their accounts disabled, and if necessary, deleted (if determined to be appropriate).

It is my hope that I do not have to resort to disiplinary action against my users.  I place this information here so that users will know what we expect on BBUS.  We reserve the right to change these rules, add to them, or enhance them as necessary and prudent.

Buddy, System Administrator, BBUS