SHELL Services


Welcome to the Buddy Hyphen Baker Website Network (BBWN) Shell Services Page.  What is a “Shell Service” you ask?  A “Shell Service” is a service we offer to approved registered users of the network.  Shell Services include:  SSH Terminal Login, Secure Shell File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and BBWN Website Services.  You can choose between two different types of login services.


This service is granted to approved and registered users of the system.  With this service, you can login directly to the server, and manage your files and websites in a Debian Linux Environment.  You can build a website TWO Ways:  One way, is to create a “public_html directory in your home directory, and then to either hard code all your htm or html files and upload them using sftp.    This is ideal for those who want to place a simple webpage online, and know the basics of HTML.  This is also ideal if all you want to do is have a few pages on your site, or if your site is already existing, and you want to move it over from another server to ours.

The Other Way is to ask us to install a Blogging Platform for you to build your website. (WordPress for example)  If you have NO KNOWLEDGE of how to build a website or code, this is the ideal option. With this option, you would ask us to help you install WordPress to your public_html Directory, and then you would set your directory permissions to allow for your files in your WordPress Install to work properly.  WordPress is quite simple to navigate, and there are several tutorials out there that can help you set up a website, from VERY simple, to complex.  If you set up a website using EITHER METHOD, your website URL would be:

If, on the other hand, you want to have a website that does NOT end in /~your_user_id/, you would need to obtain a domain name, and then we would set up a website that allow your Top Level Domain (TLD) to respond to our server.  YOU MUST provide us a domain name for this option, as we would have to make configuration changes to our setup and then “activate your website” so that BBUS will know what do do with domain name you have supplied us.  You then would go to your domain controls, and point your domain to our server’s address.  In this situation, we would discuss how you want to set up the site directory structure, and we would set your site’s Home Directory Location based on your needs.



This service is designed for those that would like a place to store online files (legal of course) for a time.  This service is also for those who do NOT have any knowledge of, or need of a login shell service.  Typically, a user would simply set up a client (such as FileZilla for Windows or Mac OSX, login with their Username and Password, and Port Number, and they will be logged into their Home Directory for SFTP.  You would then be able to use a SFTP client to move files from server to client machine, and from client machine to server.  in this situation, we would disable shell logins for you, and you would NOT be able to login to the shell server – The only login allowed would be for SFTP.