Copyright Statement


As with all things that happen on the internet, some are things that are easy to deal with, while others can be more difficult to deal with.  Since BBUS started in 2008, I have tried really hard NOT to infringe on anyone else’s content, be it Artistic, Audio/Video, Written words, postings, website information and the like:  Most times, I will use my judgement as to what I believe to be in the best interest of those who I serve in the community, and as a result, using this justification has not resulted in many problems for me – Until Recently…….

Anyone who has been following the YouTube Help Forum lately, knows that they are stepping up enforcement of the rules there, and while this most likely won’t affect us that much, I feel that it is incumbent on me as a Website Owner to state that the BBWN as a whole WILL NOT attempt to blatantly break the copyright laws.  As with anything you can get on the internet, I feel that linking to the information is NOT a problem, but others may disagree.  They may think that infringement is automatic when this is done.


As far as the websites of the BBWN are concerned, we will LINK to content where we think that there may be an implication of infringement, rather then to move the content to local storage and try to serve the content from our servers.

When we do this, we will CREDIT the original author of the content and will place the word (SOURCE: <sitename>) in any blog posts that contains the content, while leaving the content on the server where it resides. 

We will also place the site where it comes from in the TITLE Line Such as [YOUTUBE: <Title>] – Hopefully, this will dispel any ill-conceived notions that are out there that may feel that we are stealing content from other sources:  Our intention is to provide good content, and NOT to infringe on anyone – Giving CREDIT to content providers is IMPORTANT to us, and with actions like YouTube’s, it is more important than ever to make the credit known, so hopefully, we will not get NAILED for this infraction. YouTube’s Algorithm is simply killing off channels and in some cases, the owner does NOT realize a mistake without a Channel Termination – But we will try like heck to AVOID that, because:

If Permission is needed, or we believe that there would be an issue about posted content, we will ASK the content creator, and if we feel that we would have difficulty with such a request, we will REMOVE content if necessary to remain clear of any claims.

Rationale: By LINKING the content to the Blog or our other sites, we do NOT think that we would be in violation, since the content we are linked to was already posted to the host in question – That way, if the content is REMOVED by the source server, we would remain in compliance with the law.

Unlike YouTube, I am a HUMAN and can control when I post, where I post, and WHAT I post, and also can do so as an internet user:  The most important thing that should be noted here, is that If there is any doubt as to whether something should be posted, we will NOT post it, to avoid a problem.   I also would NOT knowingly violate the law by posting things that would allow us to get into trouble, because there are things out there that are illegal or of questionable standing.  As a system admin and a website owner, I have an ethical code, and I endeavor to protect my users, so linking to shady sites, in addition to being unethical and dangerous, could subject my network to attack or other problem, and is a VIOLATION of my own Content and Comment Policies.

Thank You for your Support!

Brian S. “Buddy” Baker

System Admin: BBWN (Dot Com / Dot ORG / Dot US)