Comment Policy

BBUS welcomes comments from visitors to any areas that have comments enabled.  BBUS admins have DISABLED comments on pages where the intent is to provide one way communication.   BBUS is a  Family Friendly Site That being said, BBUS will allow users to comment on anything posted in open forum, provided the following is adhered to:

1.  The comment is NOT derogatory, disrepectful or hurtful to anyone – This does not mean that you cannot disagree, but it means that you should be respectful when doing so.  Comments that contain excessive vulgarity, are in bad taste or are spammy in nature will be deleted by the Administrator.

2.  The comment does not contain links to illegal, immoral or pornographic material.

3.  The comment does not contain links to known spam operators, fake antivirus or malware removal sites, or sites that would damage those who may read and use BBUS systems or resources.  BBUS Admins reserve the right to remove comments that contain links to these types of operations.  We also reserve the right to remove from the blog any comments that in any way describe how to perform illegal operations, such as P2P filesharing, illegal copying of CD’s DVD’s or videos.  Anyone posting these types of links will be WARNED the first time, then their access to the system will be suspended if the violations continue.  This will be enforced at the descretion of the Administrator(s).

4.  The comment is  condusive to a “Family Friendly Atmosphere.”  This basically means that if you would not say something to your mother, or family member, then it probably does not belong here.  Basically, keep it clean.  I want to be sure that my blog can be something that people of all ages can read and enjoy.  BBUS Admins will be the sole judge of what is considered “family friendly.”

Updates to this policy will be made as neccessary and prudent.

Thank You!

Brian S. “Buddy” Baker, System Administrator, BBUS