This service is designed for those that would like a place to store online files (legal of course) for a time. This service is also for those who do NOT have any knowledge of, or need of a login shell service. Typically, a user would simply set up a client (such as FileZilla for Windows or Mac OSX, login with their Username and Password, and Port Number, and they will be logged into their Home Directory for SFTP. You would then be able to use a SFTP client to move files from server to client machine, and from client machine to server. in this situation, we would disable shell logins for you, and you would NOT be able to login to the server with an SFTP Only Account.

Instead, you would be dropped into your home directory for your SFTP Account, and would be able to only see your directory and the Top Level of it.  For Approved users, we have access to a wide variety of utilities that are available on our public SFTP server.  If you would like to access this service, please let us know.